Back to school for ‘art week’

It was recently ‘art week’ at my local school and I was lucky enough to be invited to ‘show and tell’ my artwork to a very eager and well behaved group of children in KS1. Technology has moved on since my day (OHP anyone?) and I was able to draw in front of the children while it appeared via magic on a big white screen. As I’ve said many a time, my black and white illustrations are essentially doodles and this style is something that children can easily have a go at themselves. I took some small print outs of my work for them to practice tracing – the idea was to get them confident with the flow of the lines and show how easy it is to start small and grow a pattern simply from their imagination. We talked about ‘happy accidents’ and how to turn their mistakes into something interesting. I was bowled over by the response from the children and I now have six and seven year olds proudly showing me their black and white drawings. It was certainly a real boost for me and thank you to the teachers for inviting me in.


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