My ‘lovebirds’ reached Australia

It’s a lovely feeling when you put something out there and it takes on a life of its own.

A while back I did a little colouring in drawing called ‘lovebirds’ and offered it as a free download. At the time it surprised me how popular it was and I am fascinated how, months on people are still stumbling across it. I’ve been lucky enough to receive thanks from people who have spent an enjoyable afternoon colouring in, parents have printed it out for kids on rainy days and some have even been kind enough to send me a picture of their masterpieces. I know of one lady who has framed hers – a reminder of an afternoon well spent.

But the most interesting path my little drawing has taken is to end up in a book in Australia. Shelagh Brennand contacted me for permission to include it in her book ‘A Stroke of Poetry – poems of healing and hope after stroke’. I was thrilled of course and this week Shelagh kindly sent me a copy of the book as a thank you. Not only did she sign it for me but she included me in the acknowledgements. I really was chuffed to bits. Thanks Shelagh. So, what started out as a little doodle has now ended up on the other side of the world and has taken me down a side road I didn’t know existed. In fact, they’ve proved so popular that I’ve printed them as cards and now use them as free gifts for people who buy my artwork. Happy days.


Love birds Tracey



3 thoughts on “My ‘lovebirds’ reached Australia

  1. Georgina. That is such a truly, lovely post and thank you. I always believe in life that what we give out, we receive. I am so excited about my launch tomorrow and exceedingly happy that I found you and your artwork. Much love. Shelagh x

  2. […] book. Georgina was extremely honoured that her artwork is in my book and she wrote a very pleasing review.  Many of my book recipients have coloured the Lovebirds and here is one by my friend Tracey who […]

  3. What a lovely story. I think including your artwork in Shelagh’s book was perfect!

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