Westland Lysander displaying at Shuttleworth

For those of you attending the airshow at the Shuttleworth Collection on Sunday 8th May keep an eye out for the Westland Lysander which features in my RAF Tempsford print. It’s an aircraft with a fascinating history and with its distinctive leaf shaped wings and throaty sound you should be able to spot it if you live nearby. Luckily for me my house is not far from Shuttleworth so I shall certainly be keeping my eyes and ears open for it flying around.

I shall also be on mega high alert for the Red Arrows who make their season premiere at Shuttleworth this year. I was brought up on a diet of airshows and museums and it was commonplace for the whole family to drop everything and run outside the moment they heard something interesting. Like a clan of meerkats, it would either be my brother’s or my dad’s ear that would prick up first; head to one side, spine extended with a look of deep concentration on their faces. After a few seconds we’d either all stand down (probably a 737) or run like our pants were on fire to the nearest door (are those Merlin engines?).

Happy spotting. Let the season begin.