Last Christmas ordering – Sunday 18th Dec

A few months ago I posted about getting organised for Christmas. This year I was going to be “fully stocked up and ready”. That’s what I said, anyway. I had ordered plenty of postal tubes, bundles of bookmarks, reels of red ribbon and enough paper and ink to get me through the most busiest of times. Or so I thought.

By the third week in November I was running low on stock again and the frantic reordering began. This is not a grumble but a sincere thank you for all your support. I have been overwhelmed by everybody’s interest this year, I really have. I have had the good fortune to be featured in the Just A Card campaign’s Good Gift Guide which was a real honour for me. I definitely saw a spike in interest after that was published and I am grateful for the work the campaign does in highlighting the work of independent businesses.

December has been even busier than November and you will be pleased to know that my house is now fully stacked to the rafters with paper, ink, and tubes ready to fulfil any last minute orders. My stock should last me well into the New Year.

My Etsy shop will be closing at midnight on Sunday 18th December. I’ve bought the date forward by a few days as I want to make sure I have the time to print, prepare and post out to you in a calm, festive and non-sweary manner.

I will open up the shop again after Christmas, I’m not sure when though. Maybe when the last sprout has been consumed and the pistachios are a mere shell of their former selves. I won’t be having a sale though. I never do. I don’t do Black Friday or Mega Monday or Wiggly Wednesday. I just try to do pretty pictures of cool places at fair prices.

A heartfelt thank you to all of you that have ordered already, if you are still thinking of doing so then please order by Sunday 18th December.

And lastly, if you wake up on Christmas morning and find a tube shaped parcel with a red ribbon around it then please know that you are so fortunate to have someone in your life that knows your special place. Merry Christmas.