Spring Sampler – 40 days of drawing

This lent, instead of giving up chocolate I am going to do a small drawing every day. Very small. Each drawing will fill a square tile measuring 45mm. By Easter time I will have filled in all the squares below and will hopefully have an A3 print of a Spring Sampler. I have no idea what I will draw and I won’t be spending long on each drawing; I only thought of the idea 10 mins ago and I’ll probably be cursing myself by day 5. Still, the idea is not to get hung up on perfection or what the final thing will look like. The aim is to try new things, look forward to the warmer weather and remind myself that doing a little bit of work each day all adds up.

If you feel like joining in then please do. I shall be doing my illustrations on the computer but if that’s not your thing you can get an A3 sheet (or stick two A4’s together) draw out your 45mm squares and start tomorrow. Go on, I dare you. #40daysofdrawing #springsampler