About me

Hello, my name is Georgina and I am a graphic designer from Bedfordshire. My artwork celebrates the local landmarks, the quirky buildings, the places that shape our everyday world. I try to find settings that are dear to people, that have meaning and relevance and then I get to work. Whilst I take huge influence from the travel posters of the early/mid 20th century, I have tried not to lock myself into a particular style or colour palette. Instead I prefer to let the venue dictate the tone, plus it means I won’t get bored. I know what I’m like.

I have a degree in Media and Communications from Wolverhampton University and I completed a Foundation Course in Graphic Design at Bedford College. I was an in-house graphic designer for the RSPB for many years and I continue to work closely with them now as a freelance designer.

I have a studio set up in my conservatory where I have a MacBook Pro, an LG monitor, Apple magic mouse, Wacom pen, an Epson printer plus plenty of pens, pencils and paper. I am married and have two beautiful children and I feel extremely lucky to be able to fit my work in around their school day. They really are everything to me.

Other interests, hobbies and obsessions include: yoga, piano, Yorkshire Tea, dancing, sewing, karate, Hugh Jackman, coffee cake, Nashville, handcream, anything with ‘botanical’ in it, poppadoms, my Moleskine diary, lip balm, early nights, Ovaltine, lavender and kindness. If I could squeeze all the above into one day, I’d be a very happy lady and probably a little tired and overwhelmed.

To hear about how I came to ‘do what I do’, you can listen to my Pecha Kucha presentation. It’s only 6 mins. Promise.

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