About me

Hello, I’m Georgina (George) and I am a self employed graphic designer/illustrator. I have a degree in Media and Communications from Wolverhampton University and I completed a Foundation Course in Graphic Design at Bedford College. I was an in-house graphic designer for the RSPB for many years before leaving to start a family. I work from my home in Bedfordshire and I absolutely love my job; I have had many jobs along the way but this is by far my favourite. When I was younger the thought of doing ‘drawing’ for a living would have blown my mind, so I consider myself very fortunate.  I am married to Andy and we have two beautiful children.  I feel extremely lucky to be able to fit my work in around my family – they really are everything to me.

I also like: yoga, piano, guitar, karate, baking, sewing and football.

I can usually be found: by the kettle, staring into the fridge or at the Post Office.

I can often be heard saying: anyone want a cup of tea? what day is it today? or who’s hungry?

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

Maya Angelou