Happy customers

“I bought this print of Southwold for my husband’s birthday as we have many happy memories of holidays there. This is my second print from Georgina and we’re as delighted with it as the first. The exciting question is, where next?”

Fiona Wynde

It is such a lovely feeling knowing that my artwork is living in homes all around the country; I genuinely feel very humbled by this. I’ve sent northern landmarks down south and southern landmarks up north. People often buy my prints as reminders of where they grew up, some buy them because they can see the landmark from their window, and some buy them as gifts to remind others of happy days. It’s good fun (and understandably satisfying) to keep track of where my prints have ended up – take a look – are there any living near you?

What's on the map

“I totally love this print, on misty days when I can’t see the mast through my window I will enjoy looking at my print instead 🙂
Great quality and quick delivery, will definitely return to your lovely shop.” 

Sarah Jones