Thank you for stopping by. This online journal is where I’ll be posting my thoughts and updates on all things artsy and crafty.

Humber Bridge – Hessle – East Yorkshire

I do love a bridge; thankfully much easier to draw than build. The lady that suggested this one did so after buying one of my Emley Moor prints. I love getting ideas from people and hearing about the places that are special to them – it really does add something magical to my job.

My ‘lovebirds’ reached Australia

It’s a lovely feeling when you put something out there and it takes on a life of its own. A while back I did a little colouring in drawing called ‘lovebirds’ and offered it as a free download.

VW campervan

The iconic split screen VW campervan. A universal symbol of the free spirit, of bacon butties, campfires, and sunsets. And rain. And RAC membership.

Glastonbury Festival – Worthy Farm – Somerset

Glastonbury Festival – it means so many different things to people. Acceptance, belonging, escapism, rain. For many though it’s about the music and for this print I’ve tried to convey that sense of anticipation – that moment right before the headline act comes on.

Holy Island – Northumberland

What’s not to love about Holy Island. A place of peace, pilgrimage and solitude, the island of Lindisfarne is also home to some of Britain’s most treasured wildlife.

Denby Dale – West Yorkshire

My brother and his family live near Denby Dale and it is such a beautiful part of the country. I love the contrast between the stone walls and the beautiful countryside.

Bamburgh Castle – Northumberland

Magical Bamburgh Castle. I’ve tried to capture that burst of sunlight after a storm has passed out to sea; that feeling when you can almost taste the negative ions in the air and it feels so good.

Cardington Sheds – Bedfordshire

I’ve wanted to do a poster of the Cardington sheds for ages. I started it months ago, but I struggled with the angles and then other deadlines got in the way…you know the drill. But I’ve gone back, I’ve stuck with it and it’s finally finished and I’m super pleased.

Gawthorpe Water Tower

At the highest point in Gawthorpe sits this beautiful art deco water tower. Built between 1922 and 1928 the tower not only stores water for the town but these days houses telecommunications equipment too.

Castle Hill – West Yorkshire

Castle Hill is a much loved and well know landmark to those living in West Yorkshire. The hilltop has a long and mysterious history and evidence shows that humans have called this area home for over 4000 years.

Sandy Heath Transmitter – Prize winners

Phew. Happy faces all round. The winners of my latest print were super happy. Well, at least that’s what they said…and they wouldn’t lie to me would they?

Sandy Heath Transmitter

Standing proud over the towns of Potton and Sandy is the Sandy Heath Transmitter. A huge willowy structure sitting amongst rare heathland and overlooking the beautiful RSPB nature reserve.

Biggles FM gets a new look

My latest project has been working with the lovely people at my local radio station Biggles FM. Luckily for me, they had seen my work online, liked my retro travel poster style and asked me if I could do something for their social media banners.

Orrest Head – Windermere

This iconic view is a special place for many people, but for one of my dear friends it has extra meaning. At 5am on the day of their wedding, my friend and her husband-to-be walked to the top of this beautiful hill top…

Smallfield Place – Surrey England

I’ve really enjoyed doing this one. It was commissioned by a friend for a forthcoming wedding. Such a lovely idea. Available to buy on Etsy.

HOME print competition winner…

Well done and thank you to everyone who entered. I’ll be doing more competitions in the future because who doesn’t like winning stuff? Exactly.

Learn to sew with Janet

I’d been wanting to go on one of the sewing courses run by Janet of Kitchen Table Sewing for about three years. I’d followed her blog and looked longingly from afar at all the beautiful homemade things that she was making. And recently I got my chance.

‘Colouring in’ therapy – free download

Fancy a night of colouring-in in front of the telly? Then download this free 6″x4″ drawing. Enjoy.

Emley Moor Mast print in Denby Dale Tea Rooms

Thank you to Denby Dale Tea Rooms for displaying my Emley Moor Mast print. It feels really good to have my work hanging in the local area where it belongs.

Art week at Pendragon Community Primary School

I was lucky enough to be invited to visit Pendragon Community Primary School in Papworth Everard as a guest speaker during their art and design week.

The pen – one tool, endless possibilities

I can’t walk past an art shop without going in. I simply can’t do it. Many of you reading this may know the feeling. A world of possibilities lurking on every shelf.

Home sweet home

My friend Hayley asked me to create something decorative, welcoming and personalised for her beautiful home. And here it is.

And the winner is…

…Matthew Foster. Yay. Matt is a great young man and a worthy winner. Also well done to Oxford. Inspiring to see what the human body and mind can do. Not mine though.

Which blue are you?

Boat Race travel poster – the rowers vest will be determined by the winner of this years race on Sat 11 April 2015. Cambridge or Oxford? Which blue are you? Let’s give the grey vest some colour!

Before and after…

This cross was designed for my friend Chere Hunter. Chere is the Chaplain at St Johns Hospice in Bedfordshire and she is wonderful.

Who wants to play Post Offices?

My daughter loves playing post offices, and if truth be told, I enjoy it as much as her. Selling my artwork online is a bit like playing Post Offices for real.

Back to school for ‘art week’

It was recently ‘art week’ at my local school and I was lucky enough to be invited to ‘show and tell’ my artwork to a very eager and well behaved group of children in KS1.

The cups went down well then

After I’d posted about painting a blank white mug, I had a great response on Facebook. I wasn’t originally planning to do any more but people seemed interested so I did another five.

A plain white cup – the perfect canvas

To me, this plain white cup and saucer looked a little under dressed. An hour at my desk with a porcelain pen…et voila.

Art exhibition at Mama’s cafe in Sandy

Way back in June 2014 when the sun was shining and wearing sandals outside was not a cause for concern, I exhibited some of my artwork at a local cafe.