Travel prints

I’ve bought a few travel posters in my time. Nice, Venice, St Ives. They are things of beauty – wistful reminders of carefree holidays. But what about the smaller, more local places – the places we see every day on our travels through life? I think many of these deserve the travel poster treatment too.

I like the idea of capturing a local landmark, a river, a church, an industrial building, a vista that has been the background to many childhoods or holidays. The collection will build slowly and steadily (as each print notches up a fair few (wo)man hours) but I hope to cover as much of the UK as possible eventually. I have a fantastically long list of places waiting to be drawn from quirky buildings to breathtaking seascapes. Most of the places on the list have been suggestions from you guys so keep your ideas rolling in and your eyes peeled for the next poster; you never know it could be somewhere close to your heart.