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Great North Run, England

The Great North Run is the largest half marathon in the world. Starting in Newcastle Upon Tyne and finishing in South Shields, this famous half marathon is well loved for it’s early autumn sunshine, it’s crackling atmosphere and of course, the Red Arrows flypast.


I was spoilt for choice when choosing which view to take of York. It is such a beautiful city. I knew I wanted to include York Minster but I also wanted to draw all those wonderful old buildings that make York so special.


Every time I go to Cambridge I feel inspired. It is a beautiful city and I feel very happy there. I’ve tried to tap into the feeling of hope and possibility I feel when I visit Cambridge.

Northern Soul – Keep The Faith

This one is for all you Northern Soul fans. I loved creating this artwork. The soundtrack in my studio was awesome. KTF.

Wexford, County Wexford, Ireland

The beautiful town of Wexford in Ireland.

London Marathon, London, England

Kudos to anyone who has run this is the past and best of luck to anyone running it this year.

London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, England

London. I love it. Always have done. Always will.

Yorkshire Dales, Yorkshire, England

If you have ever been to the Yorkshire Dales you’ll know its breathtaking beauty. Drystone walls, moorlands, steep hills and lush valleys create a patchwork of riches. This is my version of the Yorkshire Dales in all its sunset glory.

Renschensee, Italy

This man made lake high up in the Alps is famous for its submerged 14th century church so if it looks like I have drawn a steeple peeking out of the water then that’s because there really is one. If you would like the alternative text ‘Lago di Resia’ or ‘Lake Reschen’ on the print […]

Llanrwst, Conwy, Cymru

On the edge of Snowdonia lies the beautiful town of Llanrwst in Conwy. If you have been then you have most likely sampled the delights of the tea room Tu Hwnt I’r Bont which is the red leaf covered building on the right. Delicious. You can choose whether you want the print to say Cymru […]

Welwyn Viaduct, Hertfordshire

Evoking childhood memories of walks through the countryside, this print captures the view of the viaduct from the hedgerow which runs parallel. The iconic Flying Scotsman makes its way along the arches leaving behind a cloud of smoke and that unmistakable smell. Light olive greens and a deep sky blue give this print a cheerful […]

Edinburgh, Scotland

Glorious Edinburgh in majestic oranges, reds, pinks and purples. This is the view looking down from Calton Hill. You can see the castle in the distance, numerous church spires, Waverley Bridge and station. The sun’s setting behind the mountains casting a few magical chinks of light on the world. And yes, that is a teeny […]

Jodrell Bank Observatory

For the last few years I have watched Star Gazing Live where Brian, Dara and a whole host of other big brained super humans often broadcast from Jodrell Bank Observatory. Every year I have the same thoughts. Firstly, ‘I wish I concentrated more in science’ and secondly, ‘I really should do a print of that place, it’s awesome’.

Framlingham Castle, Suffolk

Framlingham Castle in Suffolk, the inspiration for Ed Sheeran’s song Castle On The Hill.

Dartford Crossing – Kent & Essex

I guess the Dartford Crossing has a different meaning to people depending on which way they are heading. From the Monday morning blues driving to work, to that Friday feeling heading home. If it’s the former though you may not want this print hanging on your wall. That said, the sight of a bridge in the distance always makes me […]

Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly are on my wish list of places to visit. The solitude, the wildlife, the proximity to the sea at all times, the lack of cars, the lack of people. I know, what a grump. Still, it’ll be a while until I save up to take the family there, but I will one […]

Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire

Grafham Water is not far from me and we often enjoy a bike ride around the reservoir with the kids.

School house teams logos

House team logos for my local school. This was a cool little self generated project for me and the school was really pleased too.

RSPB Gardeners World Live

I worked on a suite of material for the RSPB’s stand at the Gardeners World Live exhibition. This particular piece is a wheel of fortune which was 2m in diameter and was used the show people how they can care for nature and attract wildlife into their gardens.

Steadfast Brewery Cambridge

Concepts for four craft beers. Unused but I’m still proud of the work.

Peaches and Cream

Creation of brand, promotional material and digital assets for mobile beauty therapist.

The Cairngorms, Highlands of Scotland

The Cairngorms in the morning sun. Just think how early you would have to get up to catch this view. I’ve saved you the trouble.

Felixstowe, Suffolk, England Travel Poster

The last rays of the setting sun casting an orange glow on the seafront buildings and the pier. In the distance you can see the cranes of Felixstowe port and the tankers on the horizon.

Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England – Travel Poster

The iconic Grade II listed clock tower in Stevenage.

St Ives – Cornwall

This place is very special to me. I love St Ives. This spot looking out over the Atlantic Ocean from St Nicholas Chapel is one of my most happy places in the whole wide world.

Bow Fiddle Rock – Moray

On the north east coast of Scotland lies a small natural rock formation named Bow Fiddle Rock due to its unique shape – like a violin bow. The rock is a popular home to nesting seabirds and is an easily recognisable landmark for those walking the rugged coastline. I’ve tried to capture the scene during […]

Whitby – North Yorkshire

The picturesque fishing town of Whitby sits on on the east coast of England in North Yorkshire. Famed for its gothic abbey, the 199 steps (from which this view is taken), whale bone arches and of course its legendary fish and chips. I’ve walked the 199 steps and sampled the fish and chips, both were […]

Knaresborough – North Yorkshire

It’s not hard to see the inspiration behind this print. Knaresborough is a beautiful town on the banks of the River Nidd in North Yorkshire. This print did take me a long time, I wanted to do justice to the variety of buildings and the lush foliage, so I took my time. Instead of working […]

Ipswich Town Football Club

Ipswich Town Football Club also affectionately known as The Blues or The Tractor Boys. If you’re a fan then I hope you feel I’ve represented Portman Road well, I’ve certainly tried to capture the architectural beauty of the stadium. I’ve chosen to use strong sunlight to help cast shadows, define edges and shine a light […]

Dudley Castle – West Midlands

This was the view from my halls of residence. Not bad hey. I may have added a little glamour and left out the cable cars and zoo sign, but for two years I was lucky enough to see Dudley Castle from my bedroom window. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought to do a print of […]

Roseberry Topping – North Yorkshire

This piece came together very quickly and was great fun to do.  I was supposed to be doing other things really and I wasn’t due to start it until next week but I got the urge and I didn’t stop until it was finished (about midnight). I started by trying to get the basic shape of […]

Alcossebre – Spain

This place was suggested by my good friends Jerry and Hazel. It’s a beautiful seaside village on the mediterranean coast of Spain. Known and loved for its stunning beaches and mountain views. I want to go.

RAF Tempsford

I’m super pleased with this print and I loved every minute spent on it – it was an honour. There are many people who work hard to make sure this part of our history is not forgotten and the local people are rightly proud of Tempsford’s heritage.

Penshaw Monument

Built in 1844 this well loved folly is officially known as The Earl of Durham’s Monument but known locally as Penshaw Monument. It is a replica of the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens and also features on the badge of Sunderland Football Club. A real local treasure. It now belongs to the National Trust and is […]

St. Agnes

I love Cornwall, I really really love it. I feel at home there, so this print was a complete pleasure to work on.

RSPB – Members Weekend

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I really enjoy working with the RSPB and amongst the many documents that I create with them, the Members Weekend suite of material is one that I do regularly. I love thinking about how people use products. From the posters that will capture their interest across a crowded hall, right through […]

RSPB – Defending Nature

I am lucky enough to work on a lot of documents for the RSPB and they really are a good client to work for. Not only do I enjoy working for a conservation charity, but the people are great fun to work with. They have a very strong brand and excellent guidelines which are clear and easy […]

Brancaster beach

There’s something special about Brancaster beach. Everyone that goes there feels like it’s their own little secret getaway. For us as a family it’s wonderful.

The NYC Marathon

Starting at the Verrazano-Narrows bridge on Staten Island the New York Marathon winds its way through Brooklyn, Queens, skimming the Bronx and into Manhattan. What a route. I’ve tried to capture the energy at the start of the race – people from all nations packed onto the bridge, full of adrenaline and hope – oblivious to the lactic […]


Southwold – a firm favourite for family holidays, beachcombers and dog walkers. With its Grade II listed lighthouse, world famous Adnams Brewery and it’s traditional pier, Southwold is the perfect way to sample the delights of the British seaside. Just brace yourself for the North Sea wind.

Emley Moor Mast

This was the first travel poster that I ever created and it was originally designed for my sister-in-law. She is a lovely Yorkshire lady and has always treasured this local landmark. She wanted some artwork that would look modern, fresh and eye-catching in her front room and at the same time evoke a sense of […]

Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival – it means so many different things to people. Acceptance, belonging, escapism, rain. For many though it’s about the music and for this print I’ve tried to convey that sense of anticipation – that moment right before the headline act comes on. The sun may have set but the night is still young. […]

Sandy Heath Transmitter – Night

Sandy Heath Transmitter by night. Standing proud over the towns of Potton and Sandy is the Sandy Heath Transmitter. A huge willowy structure sitting amongst rare heathland and overlooking the beautiful RSPB nature reserve. As night beckons the red lights offer a reassuring glow to the locals and an informative glare to those above. And for some, after […]

Humber Bridge

I do love a bridge; thankfully much easier to draw than build. The lady that suggested this one did so after buying one of my Emley Moor prints. I love getting ideas from people and hearing about the places that are special to them – it really does add something magical to my job. I realise that the Humber […]

VW campervan

The iconic split screen VW campervan. A universal symbol of the free spirit, of bacon butties, campfires, and sunsets. And rain. What more is there to say. I simply love them, in fact I used to own one (a T25 called Boris). I’m now saving up for a more reliable camper. This was quite a tricky […]

Holy Island

What’s not to love about Holy Island. A place of peace, pilgrimage and solitude, the island of Lindisfarne is also home to some of Britain’s most treasured wildlife. In this scene, I’ve tried to capture the late afternoon sun reflecting off the castle while the common terns fly above calm seas waiting to dive in.

Bamburgh Castle

Magical Bamburgh Castle. I’ve tried to capture that burst of sunlight after a storm has passed out to sea; that feeling when you can almost taste the negative ions in the air and it feels so good. I love the changeable weather on the east coast, the sea mist that falls away as quickly as it appears. […]

Denby Dale

My brother and his family live near Denby Dale and it is such a beautiful part of the country. I love the contrast between the stone walls and the beautiful countryside. The viaduct crossing this picturesque village is a breathtaking sight and one the locals are rightly proud of. Personally I love this view because it […]

Cardington Sheds

I’ve wanted to do a poster of the Cardington sheds for ages. I started it months ago, but I struggled with the angles and then other deadlines got in the way. But I’ve gone back, I’ve stuck with it and it’s finally finished and I’m super pleased. I really love the sheds so this was a […]

Gawthorpe Water Tower

At the highest point in Gawthorpe sits this beautiful art deco water tower. Built between 1922 and 1928 the tower not only stores water for the town but these days houses telecommunications equipment too. I may have given the tower a fresh lick of white paint but I don’t think anyone will mind, I like […]