RSPB – Defending Nature

I am lucky enough to work on a lot of documents for the RSPB and they really are a good client to work for. Not only do I enjoy working for a conservation charity, but the people are great fun to work with. They have a very strong brand and excellent guidelines which are clear and easy to apply. Because of this it is sometime hard to showcase work where I feel as if I personally have added value.

I’ve chosen this document for my portfolio as it was a particularly satisfying job to work on. The text arrived as usual as an A4 Word document and the familiar happy butterflies of a new job began. This particular brochure was being used to lobby and inform MP’s and I knew that nostalgia for the beautiful British countryside would be key to getting MP’s to actually read the thing.

That’s what I love about my work. Some very clever and passionate conservation scientist has spent years researching and writing and it’s my job to make sure it looks good enough to read. We all like to think we make a difference in our working day and on this job I believe I did.


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