RSPB – Members Weekend

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I really enjoy working with the RSPB and amongst the many documents that I create with them, the Members Weekend suite of material is one that I do regularly.

I love thinking about how people use products. From the posters that will capture their interest across a crowded hall, right through to the programme of events and the map of the venue. What can I do as a designer to make this process work well? How does the form work? Can people really write everything they need to in those small boxes? Should the programme be pocket sized and if so, how will it fold out so people don’t become frustrated (like me with OS maps).

There’s quite a bit of thinking going on behind the scenes from choosing images that excite and capture the imagination right through to legibility of text, it’s the foundation of good design work and I still get a buzz every time from making sure I’ve got those basics covered.


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