New York Marathon Travel Poster


My modern travel poster of the New York marathon crossing the Verrazano-Narrows bridge in New York City, USA.



Starting at the Verrazano-Narrows bridge on Staten Island, the New York Marathon winds its way through Brooklyn, Queens, skimming the Bronx and into Manhattan. What a route.

I’ve tried to capture the energy at the start of the race – people from all nations packed onto the bridge, full of adrenaline and hope – oblivious to the lactic acid build up awaiting them on Fifth Avenue. I originally started this illustration with a different angle in mind (looking north over the bridge from ground level) but after a few hours work I realised that at this angle this bridge could be anywhere! What I needed was Manhattan in the distance. Obvious really, and the artwork certainly did take on a new energy once I’d cottoned on to this. I really loved doing the city skyline, but was deeply moved not to be doing the Twin Towers.

I’ve never been to New York but I hope to visit one day with my family. It will not be via the NYC marathon though, I do not cultivate that kind of stamina. Huge kudos to anyone who has run it though. Huge.

Delivery times and backorders

I print to order everything except A1 posters, and can usually dispatch within 48 hours of an order being placed. I have to order A1 posters on demand from an external printer, so these take a little longer.