Orrest Head Travel Poster


My modern travel poster of the view of Lake Windermere from Orrest Head in the Lake District, Cumbria.



This iconic view is a special place for many people, but for one of my dear friends it has extra meaning. At 5am on the day of their wedding, my friend and her husband-to-be walked to the top of this beautiful hill top. Together they looked out at this exact view and contemplated all the great things that lay ahead of them as a married couple. When I started doing these posters my friend asked if I could do one of Orrest Head – and so here it is. I’ve been there myself too and it really is this stunning. If you’ve not been I urge you to go, it won’t disappoint.

This poster came together really well. Sometimes things just flow and this print is an example of that for me. It was a pleasure to do. In fact I didn’t rework any part of it, it just sort of happened in the right order. Those projects are the best ones for me. The one where your years of practice (whatever your trade) just kick in and you sort of go on auto-pilot and end up achieving something cool and thinking wow how did I just do that?

Delivery times and backorders

I print A3 and A4 posters to order, and can usually dispatch within 48 hours of an order being placed. I have to order A1 and A2 posters on demand from an external printer, so these take a little longer. You’ll be able to see if I have any of these larger sizes in stock.