Queen Chess – Poster Print


The Queen is the most powerful piece on the board, enough said.



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Graphic, bold and strong, the Queen looms large casting her shadow over the checkered board. A striking piece of art to add interest to your walls. I drew this after watch The Queen’s Gambit. I enjoy playing chess on the odd occasion but only have a couple of moves in the locker, although it’s enough to make my son think I’m still cool(ish). To get the angles right I took a picture of my chessboard with the Queen set up and shone a torch behind her. It really helped. I have this print on my wall in my office to remind myself who’s in charge around this place. I’m the Queen…of my house.

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DELAY IN DISPATCHING ORDERS: Please note that I will only being visiting the Post Office once a week while the UK is in lockdown so please only order if you are flexible on timescales. Thank you so much for your understanding and support. Stay safe, with love, Georgina.