The Time Is Now Poster


A bold surreal art print for your walls.

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I created this piece on a day that I was feeling particularly frustrated at the world. Climate change, domestic politics and a feeling that a big wake up call is upon us. I love eastern European and Russian matchbox art so I took a lot of influence from that when designing this. I started off with a basic Pierrot figure and then it all went from there. The Time Is Now is a boldly coloured, surrealist art print which will probably attract a few comments from people visiting your house thinking that you’ve finally lost the plot – especially when they see that the eyes are actually a world map.

Delivery times and backorders

I print A3 and A4 posters to order, and can usually dispatch within 48 hours of an order being placed. I have to order A1 and A2 posters on demand from an external printer, so these take a little longer. You’ll be able to see if I have any of these larger sizes in stock.