World Cup Sweepstake

The Rules

The rules are simple. In the 7 days leading up to the Fifa World Cup, all customers who purchase a print before June 14th 2018 16:00 BST will be entered into my sweepstake. The winner will receive ANY FREE PRINT of their choice from my shop.

How will it work?

When a sale comes through, I will ask my children to pick a team out of a hat. That team will be assigned to that customer. I will write the name of the team chosen on the customers invoice and keep a record of who got what team here on this page. On this page I will only show your first name; I will use the name of the print you bought as your surname. Cunning.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. It’s just a free prize draw for something you were buying anyway. I’m not collecting your data, I’m not sharing any personal info with people. I’m not signing you up to a newsletter. I’m a nice person – I have no interest in annoying you. I just thought this would be fun. The only time you will hear from me again is if you win.

What if I don’t want to play?

No worries, just say so when ordering and I won’t enter you into the sweepstake. I pinky promise there is no catch though.

How do I enter?

Simply head over to my Etsy shop and you will automatically be entered when you buy any print. If you buy two prints, you’ll be entered twice and so on.

Sweepstake entries

Team Customer
Argentina Lynette Stevenage
Australia Laura London Marathon
Belgium Alice Humber Bridge
Brazil Stella Bow Fiddle Rock
Colombia Nichola Emley Moor
Costa Rica Laura Northern Soul
Croatia Erin Green Bay
Denmark Sara Northern Soul
Egypt Kenneth Whitby
England Sue Northern Soul
France Chris Glastonbury
Germany Alex Northern Soul
Iceland Elizabeth Humber Bridge
Iran Helen New York Marathon
Japan Amanda Glastonbury
Korea Republic Jessica London Marathon
Mexico Lynette St Ives
Morocco Lynette British Countryside
Nigeria Laura Whitby Lighthouse
Panama Peter Yorkshire Dales
Peru Georgina Emley Moor
Poland Melanie Jodrell Bank
Portugal Lynette Great Barford
Russia Catrin Port Macquarie
Saudi Arabia Lynette Welwyn Viaduct
Senegal Orianna Stevenage
Serbia  Jessica London Marathon
Spain Amanda Dudley Castle
Sweden Lynette Southwold
Switzerland Alex Northern Soul
Tunisia Henry Green Bay
Uruguay Carla-Louise Northern Soul